The so-called "haunted house"

I always got the chills whenever I walked by the shabby house with the crooked shutters. Nobody ever dared to go near, and people said that you could hear strange noises coming from inside… So, one Halloween full moon midnight, I challenged my best friend, Jeremy, to peek into the so – called haunted house.

At first, we hesitantly pushed the rusty iron gate open which squeaked eerily. That first spooky experience sent shivers up and down our spines. We looked at each other with fright but Jeremy nodded in agreement to take the next step. While we were creeping along the scruffy garden, we noticed some very old mossy gravestones, probably from the Victorian era, which gave us the goosebumps. We were heading for the front door, wondering if any skeletons would come out of the old graveyard but there was no sign of a living or dead creature…

We looked at each other once more and with shaking hands we opened the giant wooden door, which creaked and closed behind us. Spontaneously we screamed. While we were walking on the creaky floorboards of the hall with a flashlight in our hand, we saw a long staircase leading to the first floor. We had already reached the middle of the staircase, when, all of a sudden, we heard a strange chackling laughter coming from a dark room on the first floor. We couldn’t believe our ears and rushed downstairs without looking behind us. We slammed the door close and left the shabby house.


That was definitely the scariest experience in our lives! We have not passed by outside this place ever again and now I am writing this frightening story in my diary for my grandchildren to read it and come back to that house one Halloween full moon night to solve the mystery we could not solve!



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